About CKE

CKE is the home of amateur arts and cultural education in Eindhoven. You can choose from our broad range of courses and lessons in music, dance, visual arts, photography, theatre, musical and creative writing.

What we want most is to introduce as many people as possible to actively practising the arts. And that includes you! No matter what it is you want to learn, or at which level, by developing your creativity you increase your imaginative powers. This helps you see things differently and gives you more ways of expressing yourself. Being involved with the arts is inspiring, exciting and relaxing all at the same time and just great fun too!

CKE employs skilled, enthusiastic teachers and has access to a huge network of independent artists, professional teachers and other cultural organisations. Together, we make sure that you can develop your creativity unrestrictedly in a way that suits you.

Interested in what we have to offer? On our website, there is an overview (in Dutch) of all the lessons and courses including information about all of CKE's activities such as concerts, performances, exhibitions and projects. CKE also is a great venue for organizing events, meetings and shows. We have a concert hall, theatre hall, several studios and other multifunctional spaces.

Our home is situated in the centre of the city, near the station. Please feel free to visit us for more information or to soak up the atmosphere.

CKE, home of amateur arts and cultural education
Pastoor Petersstraat 180
5612 LW Eindhoven

Course Administration
Are you already a participant in one of our courses or do you want to know anything about registration or payment for courses, modules, ensembles and workshops? Please contact our Course Administration: cursusadministratie@cke.nl / 040-2163208 (Monday to Thursday between 9:00am and 2:30pm).

Conditions of registration