Conditions of registration

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Version 1 June 2020

We're so glad you want to take a course or workshop at CKE or register for ensemble playing or group singing! We've listed the most important conditions for you below.


  1. Block: A long-running group course may consist of two or three blocks, each of which forms a separate unit and which a student can take as an independent component. If a student registers for a block, the conditions of registration for short courses apply.
  2. Courses: Courses are individual courses, short group courses, long-running group courses, ensemble playing and group singing.
  3. Individual courses: Individual courses are long-running music and singing courses consisting of weekly lessons (38) or bi-weekly lessons (19) in a course year.
  4. Short group courses: A short group course consists of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 14 lessons.
  5. Long-running group courses: A long-running group course consists of more than 14 lessons. Students register for the full course. If the course consists of blocks, students may register for the full course or for one or more blocks.
  6. Ensemble playing: Ensemble playing is orchestras which are led by a conductor or teacher within the discipline of music.
  7. Group singing: Group singing is choirs which are led by a conductor or teacher within the discipline of music.
  8. Workshop: A workshop is a one-off lesson or activity.

All correspondence about registering for courses and workshops takes place by email. Use our email address for this: Please make sure we always have your current email address.

We send general information about courses and workshops to a group of all students by email or digital newsletter. You can always unsubscribe from a digital newsletter, in which case you will no longer receive this information through the newsletter. On our website you will also find general information about courses and workshops.

Are trial lessons possible?
Here at CKE, it is possible to take trial lessons for a course in a number of disciplines. You can register for this trial lesson through the website. These trial lessons are entirely without obligation. For individual courses, we charge 20 euros for each trial lesson for children and young people (up to 21 years) and 25 euros including VAT for adults. The trial lessons for group courses are free of charge in principle, on condition, of course, that there is still a place available. Should you decide to register for the group course, the trial lesson counts as the starting date of your course. Please get in touch with the Course Administration for more information about trial lessons.

How can you register?
You can register for a course or workshop online at our website using the 'Register' button which is shown with each course of workshop. Complete the online application form in full and click on the 'Register' button to submit the form. You will receive confirmation of receipt by email, with a copy of the details entered. If you have no computer at home, or need help registering, you can also register at the reception desk at CKE during opening times. You can also pick up an application form at the reception desk. Complete the form in full, sign it and hand it in at the reception desk.

When is my registration definite?
You will receive confirmation of your place within two weeks of our receiving your completed registration for an individual course. In the case of all group courses and workshops, your registration is subject to the minimum number of participants being reached for the course or workshop to take place. If the minimum number of registrations has not yet been reached, we will determine no later than two weeks before the starting date and for short and long-running group courses, no later than four weeks after the course starts, whether the course will definitely take place. If there are too few registrations within that period, the course will be cancelled. In that case, you will only be charged for the number of lessons given. We also look to see if there are other possibilities open to you within the range on offer, so you can get to work with your creativity. In the specific case of registration for group singing or ensemble playing, there is a trial period of four weeks on which definite registration is based, in agreement with the conductor or teacher. This trial period serves to determine whether your level of proficiency is in line with that of the group. A definite place in a group course or workshop will be confirmed by email.

14 days statutory cooling-off period after registration (online)
When registering (online) for a course or workshop you, as a consumer, have the right to a 14-day cooling-off period after you have submitted the application form. You may cancel your registration (online) during these 14 days without giving any reason. Any fees already paid will be refunded.

Is it possible to cancel the registration?
Registration can only be cancelled, in writing, before the course or workshop starts. There will be no charge for a cancellation up till two weeks before the starting date. In the case of cancellation within two weeks of the starting date, a cancellation fee will be charged. A charge of the fees for four lesson weeks will be applied in the case of individual lessons and long-running group courses, for workshops, the full fee and for short group course, half the fee for the course.

Is it possible to join after the starting date?
It is possible to join short or long-running group courses after the starting date. However, a trial period may be agreed to determine whether your level of proficiency is in line with that of the group. You may also join individual lessons throughout the year, naturally only if there is a place available. The tuition fees will be adjusted proportionally.

Continuous registration or de-registration at the end of the course year
For individual lessons and long-running group courses, we work with a continuous registration. At the end of each course year, you will receive an email asking if you wish to continue the individual lessons or long-running group course in the new course year. We assume that you will want to renew your registration and we register you for the most suitable option for you in the new school year. If you do not want to renew your registration, please use the de-registration form, which you can download here. This form can also be picked up at the reception desk. Workshops and short group courses automatically finish at the end of the course year. So if you do not wish to renew your registration, you need take no action.

Cancelling registration for courses and workshops in between times
If you want to cancel your registration in between times, we're sorry to hear that. Here is what is and is not possible:

  • Cancelling registration in between times does not apply for a workshop and is not possible for a short group course.
  • In the case of long-running group courses or individual lessons (starting from 15 lessons), you may cancel registration by email giving a period of notice of four weeks.
  • After we receive your cancellation, we will send you an email informing you of how the remaining fees will be offset against those already paid.

What happens if a course is cancelled because a teacher is ill or unable to attend?
If a teacher is taken ill, we do everything in our power to find a substitute teacher.    Sometimes we are unsuccessful, and the lesson has to be cancelled. We will inform you of that as soon as possible. In principle, these lessons will be caught up with during the rest of the course year. If substitution is impossible, the fees for cancelled lessons will be refunded. The reimbursement of the tuition fees will be calculated on the basis of the number of cancelled lessons. You will receive the refund at the end of the course year. You need take no action to request this. 

What happens if a course or workshop is cancelled before the starting date and I have already paid (partially)?
If CKE decides to cancel a course or workshop before the starting date and you have already paid (part), you will be refunded the money already paid.

What happens if a course or workshop is cancelled due to force majeure?
Force majeur is in this case: every strange cause, and every circumstance and calamity the risk of which cannot reasonably be borne by us. If we are unable to give a lesson or lessons due to force majeure, this lesson or these lessons will be cancelled, and you will be notified of this as promptly as possible. CKE makes every effort to catch up these lessons or offer an alternative (online) form. In that way, we offer reasonable alternatives in order to fulfil the course contract. If force majeure makes fulfilment absolutely impossible, the contract will be terminated. This releases CKE from its obligation to fulfil the contract. The student is obliged to pay for the lessons already provided, including the alternative (online) lessons. Any excess tuition fees paid will be refunded. Under no circumstances is CKE obliged to pay any penalty or damages.

What should I do if I cannot attend a lesson?
If you cannot attend a lesson, notify your teacher by email. Missed lessons cannot be taken later and do not entitle you to a refund.

Conditions for the 10-lesson ticket for individual music lessons
The 10-lesson ticket is meant to be used by advanced students or those with a specific learning issue. The 10-lesson ticket is valid for the whole course year in which it is purchased. You make an appointment with your teacher for a lesson. You can cancel the appointment up to 24 hours before the lesson free of charge. If you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment, or fail to attend without notice, one lesson will be charged. Lessons not used on the 10-lesson ticket will lapse at the end of the course year.

Amendments to range on offer
CKE may amend the range of courses and workshops on offer in between times (without giving a reason). The most up-to-date version of the range of activities on offer can always be found on our website.

All fees for young people up to 21 years of age are exempt from VAT. For adults from 21 years, all fees include 21% VAT. CKE offers courses for children, young people and adults. If you are under 21 years of age but you register for a course for adults, you must pay the adult fee.

How does payment take place?
The tuition fees will be deducted automatically from your bank account. If you choose to pay the total tuition fees for an individual course or a long-running group course in a single payment (after any deduction for family discount), you will receive 2% discount on the total amount. This also applies to registration in between times for an individual course or long-running group course which consists of more than 14 lessons.
If you do not choose to pay in a single payment, the tuition fees owed will be deducted monthly. The 2% discount does not apply to tuition fees for short group courses or workshops, which will be deducted in a single payment. The tuition fees will be deducted roughly two weeks after the invoice has been sent.

Family discount
If you are taking multiple courses at the CKE you will receive 5% discount on the cheapest course or workshop with a minimum fee of 125 euros per course or workshop. Are you taking a course and someone else in your household (your partner or a child, for example) is planning to take a course too? If you both take a course or workshop with fees of at least 125 euros each, they will also receive the same 5% discount. Unfortunately, it is not possible to benefit from multiple discounts on one product.

Discount schemes/support
If there are financial reasons preventing you from taking courses or lessons at CKE, it's possible to apply for financial support, under certain conditions. More information can be found at

Privacy and cookie policies
You share a multitude of personal data with us. For example, when you register for a course or workshop. We process your personal data with great care and would like to inform you about how we do that. In our Privacy and cookie policies, we explain how we approach processing your personal data and what your rights are.

CKE cannot be held liable for any damage to and/or loss of your property which occurs during lessons and/or activities at CKE.

CKE reserves the right to make amendments to this general information and these conditions of registration in between times. Any amendments will be announced on the CKE website.


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