Are you passionate about the arts? Have you always wanted to do something in that area? Are you creative, enterprising, inquisitive and with ideas of your own? If you don’t have time for a long full-time or weekend programme, get to know the ultimate study programme for amateur artists in Eindhoven and the surrounding area: CKE Academy of Drawing and Painting.

The CKE Academy is a four-year programme in Drawing and Painting, divided into a basic (first and second year) and a specialisation phase (third and fourth years). You can enrol each year for the following course year. Once you have successfully completed the basic and specialisation phases, you will receive a final certificate for that phase.

Basic programme

In the basic phase (Years 1 and 2), you will take theory and practical lessons aimed at personal growth with themes such as creativity, technique, knowledge of materials, learning to experiment, intensifying perception, intellectual growth, transforming fear into challenge and being open to other visions.

Specialisation phase

In the second phase of the CKE Academy (Years 3 and 4), you will be given themed assignments which motivate a quest for your own visual solutions. Art history and art appreciation classes support this quest. A specialisation will be introduced halfway through the third year (image of humans/nature/conceptual/other). The fourth year concentrates on this specialisation, in which the student’s own vision will take shape.


The lessons will be supplemented by excursions, lectures and film and video presentations. In addition, we make the CKE studios available so that you can immediately process the lessons and work on assignments.

For whom?

The CKE Academy is open to everyone from 18 years upwards who wants to develop as an amateur artist and who, in order to achieve that goal, would like a thorough education, supervision, development and assessment in inspiring surroundings, with other motivated students and enthusiastic teachers.


We work in an open atmosphere in which individuality, fun, enthusiasm and collaboration are paramount.

The Teaching Team

The teaching team consists of Frank Malcorps, Miranda van der Zandt and Ingrid Simons, all established teachers with a great deal of experience and their own art studios. Guest teachers will also be employed for special projects. Miranda van der Zandt is coordinator of the CKE Academy.

About the lessons

Lessons are on Thursdays or Fridays between 10:00 and 15:00.

Art history and art appreciation classes are given centrally to all the academy's students, in the Van Abbemuseum, where we can make use of the excellent media techniques, inspiring collection and extensive library.

As Einstein once said: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’. If you stimulate your fantasy and creativity, a whole new world will open up for you. But how do you do that? And where? CKE can help you. At CKE Academy, we learn not only the usual drawing and painting techniques, but above all to look better and differently. In addition, we get showered with a whole lot of art history every couple of weeks. Wonderful lessons, given in the inspiring setting of the Van Abbemuseum. It’s no exaggeration to say that the lessons are pure effort and pure relaxation at the same time. The hours just fly by. Enthusiastic, skilful teachers who know how to motivate a group of adults in a respectful way. In no time, the group has forged close ties with each other. I enjoy seeing the beautiful things produced every week. Different people, surprising perspectives, diverse solutions. What unites us is the drive to create, to challenge ourselves and expand our horizons. The study programme is suitable for a broad range of people. Pencil and paintbrush turn out to be perfect instruments with which to put a cheerful spin on everyday life, to boost your deeper feelings and give a platform to your thoughts.

Frank Stienissen (student at CKE Academy)

Please get in touch with the coordinator of CKE Academy, Miranda van der Zandt, through

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